Connecting Latinas for Educational Success

Mentor FAQ

Why should I consider mentoring another Latina?
Many of us are first-generation college graduates who grew up in Northern Utah. We know from experience how hard it is to navigate the path to college and the pressures that can sometimes keep mujeres from pursuing a college degree. As Latinas, we are in a unique position to provide culturally competent support to the next generation of leaders in our community.

What will I do as a mentor?
As an Arriba Latinas mentor, you’ll participate in a structured relationship that focuses on the needs of a Latina in high school in the Ogden area. You’ll help create a supportive and caring relationship that encourages Latinas to apply and get accepted to college. Some activities you might consider doing with your mentee includes visiting campuses, provide support in applying for scholarships and financial aid, and providing essay-writing assistance.

How often are we expected to meet?
While the frequency of your meetings will vary with each relationship, we strongly encourage our mentors to touch base with your mentee at least every two weeks. If a mentor is unable to meet with their mentee at least once a month, then she might reconsider becoming a mentor.

Is there a financial obligation?
It’s completely free to serve as a mentor!

How many Latinas will I be expected to mentor?
We encourage you to take seriously each relationship, so that might mean that you only mentor one to two mentees. However if you have a passion for supporting other Latinas, you are welcome to mentor more young women!

I’m not Latina, but I’m still interested in getting involved. How can I help?
While our mentorship opportunities are only for women who identify as Latina, we welcome the involvement of others who wish to support our mission. Please contact us for other volunteer opportunities!

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