Connecting Latinas for Educational Success

Mentee FAQ

Why should I consider becoming an Arriba Latina mentee?
As an Arriba Latina mentee, you will have the unique opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with another Latina who has made the journey to college. Your mentor will be able to offer helpful advice such as how to apply to college, writing personal statements, and helping you decide what to focus on. She will also be someone you can go to for advice and for insight on overcoming challenges you might face in applying to college.

Who will my mentor be?
You’ll be matched with another Latina who is currently in or who has graduated from college. We do our very best to match each mentee with a mentor who shares your interests.

How often are we expected to meet?
While the frequency of your meetings will vary with each relationship, we strongly encourage you to meet with your mentor at least once every two weeks.

Is there a financial obligation?
It’s completely free!

I’m not Latina, but I’m still interested in getting mentored. Can I still participate?
While our mentorship opportunities are only for women who identify as Latinas, we welcome the involvement of others who wish to support our mission. Please contact us for other opportunities!

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