Connecting Latinas for Educational Success


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The State of Utah is facing a big problem: 29% of Latino students fail to graduate from high school in 2013, making it the fourth worst state in the nation for graduating Latino students. Latinas face, in particular, additional challenges that can keep them from graduating from high school and pursuing higher education. Despite a number of organizations currently serving the Latino population in Utah, no organization yet focuses specifically on the needs of Latina youth. This is where Arriba Latinas steps in.

Mission:   We establish and nurture mentorships between Latinas in high school in Northern Utah with Latinas who are currently in or have graduated from college. By creating gender-specific and culturally competent relationships between Latinas, we increase the number of college-educated women.

Vision: We envision a future where every Latina in Northern Utah will have access to the skills, knowledge, and support she needs to access higher education. We work to ensure that all of our mentees enroll full-time in college with at least 50% of the cost of their education covered by financial aid and scholarships.


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